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it’s the little things that count the most

so here i am xmas eve at home. i just completed the most daunting task i have faced all day… wrapping presents. never again, unless someone teaches me how. preferably a hot female with a nice rack.

as i am drinking my hot cocoa and listening to sade, i have come to realize, we tend to take for granted the little things we have in life that others may not have this holiday season. i just came back from driving outside and it is raining and the weather is super yucky and stuff. and yet there are people sleeping outside with no place to go.

there’s kid’s somewhere that would shank someone to have a sip of my delicious chocolatey beverage.

there’s a lot of things that i’m grateful for. first one and the most important is the fact that I’m alive. pretty self explanatory. haha i’d rather be alive than not alive.

second is having a place to sleep and food to eat. pretty self explanatory as well since i love sleeping and eating

what i’m really really grateful for is the fact that i have the ability to surround my self with awesome people. i’ve come to realize that your company really does play a huge role on the person you become. surround yourself with stagnancy, then you can only become stagnant. surround yourself with people always striving to improve, and you have unlimited potential.

what are you grateful for?

oh and im also grateful for s2000’s, corgis, happy meals, and building sand castles =)

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