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cupid is just a really ugly girl

Good day motherfunkers! Did you miss me? Before we start, SMILE. Smile because I’ve possessed your computer and I’m currently having intercourse with your thumbs… okay that’s not true and it’s kind of gay, so, on with my rant.

What’s so good you ask?? i just had a bowl of purple vomit with berries and granola. It was fan-funking-tastic! Shit, onwards with my rant again. Curse you ADD!

As valentines day rolls around, I’ve had many a people ask me what my plans are. I tell them nothing. I may go out, grab food, and proceed to stuff my fat face, which is getting less fatter,  i might add thank you.

It has been said by some that my openness and honesty about certain subjects is disarming. The word that comes to mind is harlequin. One of the meanings is many colored. This is how we should be. As humans, we are all multi-colored and have many different sides of us.

All actions are of self definition. And all acts are based on what we believe. There are some actions that are not taken, that we would like to take, due to limiting beliefs that we impose on ourselves. Beliefs are like stained glass windows. Many facets and colors, but it is the light on the other side of the window that makes it possible to shine.

People sometimes spend so long looking out from within, that they forgo the within and go without. The only bind in life that concerns me is one that unites us. In this sense we are the light to each other and enlightenment is what life is all about.

So much to say, so much to write. So much skim reading. Take your time.

The only time is now. And here I want to address and share with you something that has been very useful to me.

In battle, the best outcome is to reach a positive outcome without ever lifting a sword. There is no battle between us and definitely none between men and women. Hold that belief. Life will reciprocate your beliefs of it.

The way I view the world is one in which I open up to people with no attachment to outcome and no agenda. This harmlessness is the reason my honesty is so disarming.

It’s also about forcing no opinion, in turn allowing anyone in your presence to form their own from the very first moment they perceive you. There is no such thing as a cold approach. Only warm ones.

What is this being disarming? Opening and being open you may ask?

It’s breaking unseen barriers and opening hearts, broken or not. There’s both nothing to it and also everything to it.

My interpretation of disarming comes from two different concepts.

The first is giving no reason at anytime to any one to be “armed”. The best way I can describe this is, as not giving away or having an agenda or any apparent ulterior motive during an interaction with someone else.

The second is the to possess the trait of harmlessness which can be demonstrated by persistent honesty, openness, and awareness. All of these can be woven together through thoughts, words, and actions.

The point at which we decide to trust people is usually when there is no evidence detected that we are untrustworthy and we have enough reinforcement of trust through evidence such as recommendation from people we already trust and trust us in return. True trust in relationships need never be spoken of. We lower our shields to the people we choose to trust. More accurately, we decide not to put them up in the first place.

Fear is what forces us to put up shields in the first place.

I say abandon all fear. Embrace love and embody love. There are no power struggles between people. You only perceive that there is one.

All fear is fear of death and that is not to be feared. Some fear is very useful though. Positive for us. Fight or flight. A survival mechanism.

But fear that you have created, this is entirely dependent on you believing it. All the beliefs you hold define you.

Abandon your fear.

Some people will be intimidated when you offer to gift them your value without condition. Some people will even fear you for offering your time and your help. They may suspect you. They may have allowed someone into their life before that ended up hurting them, playing them, or utilizing them.

You should communicate without words that you are not that person. Most communication between us physically is entirely non-verbal. After all caution is the right for anyone who has known pain.

Be aware that disarming does not mean benign. Being disarming is anything but unreactive. What you get is a series of subtle reactions which are advantageous and recommended to all lovers, pirates & ninjas alike.

You will find treasure in everyone. Sometimes we have to dig deeper & it’s there. Whether you find treasure or not, give your able values to anyone you like. Put rabbits into hats, and pull them back out. We are not trading here, there’s no value taking… don’t be trading or be-trade. It’s a betrayal. It’s all for the giving, and that is disarming. This is not the truth, merely my own harmless truth.

Any questions?

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