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price of nice

All things are moderation… including moderation. Monotony sucks. You know this either by pleasure or pain. If the latter, then it was a real wake up call andmaybe you lost a relationship because of it.

NICE is BORING. That doesn’t mean being the bad boy is the only way to go. Yet, when we act nice a hot girl used to being approached constantly may well hit defcon 1, “What does this guy want from me?”

And in response to the bad boy she realizes that he doesn’t need anything. Allow me to elaborate. Consider that the nice guy is one that may have hurt her in the past. Some oaf, playing the nice guy could have played her… and now she’s on guard. So many have observed how the bad boy thing works.

Nice too often means dull. Naughty is at the very least, interesting.

Here’s a few principles to think about when you’re in a relationship.

In a relationship, sure, you’re going to show love and there are five ways of showing love.

Saying it is one of the weakest if you’re saying it all the time.

Doing caring things.

Giving gifts “Here, I brought you a squirrel.”

Saying it.

Um… spraying it.

I’ve forgotten the fifth one… shit.

Show that love day and night sure, make efforts in the relationship that bring you both happiness, but have enough space from each other that your beloved can feel the loss of you each day. When you’re giving your girl attention it should be like the sun is shining in her face… not out of her ass and when you take that beautiful energy away from her, you enhance it even more.

What is a night without the day? Cold… the sun also rises. What is a nice day for 9 months like in the arctic circle? Boring and dreadful on the eyes. NICE? Pfftt. Always remember, dark clouds make sunbeams.

Do nice things sure but master their absence and work on push pull theory within the frame of relationship. Forget Nice.

Here’s a simple equation, hope + doubt = passion.

If you give a girl the impression you’re going to be around forever you’ll run the risk of boring the pants off her instead of taking her pants off. Scarcity increases value.

When your time is limited it becomes all the more special for each moment they have the prize of you in sight. You keep her wanting for more because she fears the prospect of you leaving… RELATIONSHIPS ARE NO DIFFERENT! Scarcity = Value. Give the gift of missing you.

Be romantic, be adventurous, you can FLIRT with your girlfriend you know? Be playful, be naughty, be yourself, that’s sexy, but don’t even get near NICE. You fullfil her needs, emotional security, physical hungers, thirsts… you feed her, you cook for her, you love her.

Nice, predictable, regular…*YAWN* average… usual… *ZZZZ* normal.


Passionate! Unpredictable… Boo! Extraordinary! Exciting! Unusual, Natural…

Live each of your days with passion. Keep her guessing, keep her wanting. Keep taking away. Keep surprising her. Exceed your own expectations and accept that your best is good enough. Have her invest in you at least as much as you invest in her… we become part of what we invest in. So garner this principle and reap the rewards.

Being nice could cost you in the end. Think about it. 😉

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  1. March 10, 2010 at 7:13 am

    Here you go my man. Read this article, it puts things in perspective:



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